Coaching for Ministry and Life

It has been my privilege to serve a number of people as a coach.  Most of my clients are ministry leaders, but I enjoy coaching anyone who wants to move forward in their personal or professional life.

Coaching is a process whereby I will help you identify areas needing improvement.  I will listen carefully as you describe the elements that are holding you back.  Together we will explore ideas and resources that will help you take the next steps.  I will help you make your strategy for the coming weeks.  Strategies range from the ambitious and complex to the simple fixes you have been avoiding.  At our next meeting I will check in on your progress.  If you falter, we will work together to find alternative solutions.  Together we will celebrate your progress and move forward through challenging times.

My coaching has a spiritual element.  I seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit before, during, and after each monthly session.  I pray with you at the close of our time.  I am a Protestant Christian, but my coaching skills and spirituality are applicable to people of all faiths and traditions.  I make no judgments about anyone as much as I am able.  I believe that every person is God’s beloved, and I strive to treat them accordingly.

Having served in various ministry roles, including parish ministry as solo pastor, I am aware of the challenges faced by leaders.  Because my coach was key in helping me through rocky times of ministry, I am eager to offer the same help to other pastors.

Because the choice of a coach is so personal, my first session with you is free of charge. If you decide to continue with me, applicable fees will be applied.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about my coaching:

“I was introduced to Deb’s coaching in the spring of 2015.  I was serving my community and state in a public role and wanted to present the best version of myself.  When we step back and take stock of ourselves, we can identify strengths and opportunities for growth.  Deb was instrumental in listening and offering guidance during this process.  I really appreciated that she would take note of what I had to say and then propose questions—often times from an angle that I had not thought of.  From there, we identified goals and avenues to achieve them.  Being a Christian, I appreciated that she could draw from her pastoral experience and include a prayerful element in our sessions.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time and know that her counsel has had a positive impact.  Thank you, Deb!”   —Jill Brees Barr, Mrs. Iowa International 2015.

“Ministry can be very unpredictable and so I struggled to set goals for my ministry.  Deb helped me to be realistic about this and to find ways to evaluate and revise things along the way.  I especially appreciated her flexibility with my schedule and openness to discussing things that were on my mind without allowing our conversations to get sidetracked.”   —Rev. Dawn Quame, ELCA pastor, Minnesota.

“Deb Mechler is an insightful person. In our coaching sessions, she helped me see situations from a different viewpoint and helped me create manageable goals. I am so thankful for the time I spent with Deb in coaching. I highly recommend her to those looking for direction, working through situations, and becoming closer to God.”  —Kathy Bruins, writer and speaker, Michigan.

To inquire about using my coaching services, please contact me at