What Makes This Blogger Different, or Typical (You Decide)

Sept 2015

My name is Deb Mechler.  Pastor, disciple of Jesus.  Spiritual director, certified by Seeking the Spirit Within (Nebraska Synod, ELCA).  Wife, mom, and “Oma.” Midwestern roots (Iowa) ground this late bloomer. Philosopher, traveler, art lover, musician.  Part of my heart is in Mali, Africa.  That about sums me up.  Oh, and I love pie.


My given name “Deborah” means “seeking one,” or “little bee.”  Little did my parents know how descriptive it would turn out to be.  It seems I am constantly looking for the good stuff, eager to take it back to the hive so it can be processed and then savored by…well, Pooh, of course, among others.  This painting is used by permission of the artist, Candice Hartsough McDonald.

The current banner on the home page is from a print, “Robin Red Spring Green” by James Frank.  It is a detail of a larger print (below).  Frank’s beautiful artistry is on display at  www.jamesfrank.com  as well as the Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park, Colorado.  That’s where I ran across the Robin Red print and felt an instant connection with the lone bird.  I hope you will go to the artist’s site and see his inspired and inspiring work. He told me that he was just planning to shoot the trees when the robin flew into the frame. I would not have purchased the print without it!

robin perched in spring aspen

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