What Makes This Blogger Different, or Typical (You Decide)

My name is Deb Mechler.  ELCA pastor, disciple of Jesus.  Spiritual director, certified by Seeking the Spirit Within (Nebraska Synod, ELCA).  Wife, mom, and “Oma.” Midwestern roots (Iowa) ground this late bloomer. Philosopher, traveler, art lover, musician.  I retired from full time ministry in 2022, thrilled to have more time with our grandchildren and to create pictures, paragraphs, and pie. Part of my heart is in Mali, Africa.  That about sums me up.  


My given name “Deborah” means “seeking one,” or “little bee.”  Little did my parents know how descriptive it would turn out to be.  It seems I am constantly looking for the good stuff, eager to take it back to the hive so it can be processed and then savored and often shared.  

robin perched in spring aspen

For some reason I also feel drawn to birds, maybe for the same reason I relate to bees. When I saw the photograph here at Aspen and Evergreen gallery in Estes Park, Colorado, I gasped. My first thought was that I know how that bird feels. That is very strange, I know. Maybe it is because birds often seem solitary as they look around from their perches. Maybe it is because I like to look at the “big picture” and see various sides of objects and issues. Who knows?

I write this blog because I am compelled to write and create, and to share what I have done. Our stories and insights connect us to each other, so if even one of my posts is helpful to you, it is worth it. Enjoy!

Bee/flower painting is by the artist, Candice Hartsough McDonald. Used by permission. Bird photograph is by James Frank at www.jamesfrank.com. Used by permission.

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