Saved on the Road

            I have a spiritual practice that helps me internalize the Scriptures and the ways of God. I imagine being one of the characters or a bystander in a biblical story, and I spin out the story as I see it. It doesn’t have to be theologically “correct,” although I try to keep it plausible.  I simply spend time wondering what it was like to … Continue reading Saved on the Road

Spiritual Practices: Gratitude

The quality that we so often seek in our lives is joy.  When we become wise enough to know that joy cannot be manufactured through short-lived pleasures, we might settle for less.  We might resign ourselves to what the writer of Ecclesiastes concludes: “there is nothing new under the sun.”  (Eccles. 1:9) Or we could learn the secret to joy: gratitude. There was a time … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Gratitude

Addressing Your PESD*

This post was originally written for the November 9, 2018 edition of the Spencer Reporter.    Today you might be experiencing a syndrome many of us had two years ago, after the 2016 presidential election: *Post-Election Stress Disorder. The first thing I did when I got up the morning after mid-term elections was to look up the results for Iowa online.  After that I checked … Continue reading Addressing Your PESD*

A Question in the Wilderness

As I approached my departure from parish ministry, people were curious.  They asked me what I will do next.  It seemed easiest to tell them that I was taking a couple of months’ sabbatical, a break from ministry before determining my next steps.  I didn’t tell them that what I was feeling God calling me to a wilderness time, and I figured the next steps … Continue reading A Question in the Wilderness