Grace for a Scary Season

I’m not fond of this season. The yard displays, the masks, the gore, so much creepiness on TV. Think of what it is teaching our children. I’m not talking about Halloween. It’s mid-term election season. These days elections seem to bring out the worst in human behavior. And it’s not just “those people.” I find myself arguing with campaign commercials, or making snap judgments about … Continue reading Grace for a Scary Season

The Preacher in Front of the Camera

The fender bender probably didn’t help.             I reached a low point in my COVID-coping consciousness that weekend.  On Friday, I didn’t see a woman approaching from my right at an intersection near my home as I turned left into her path.  I was startled by the impact of hitting her driver’s side door, because I had not seen her at all.  Having looked both … Continue reading The Preacher in Front of the Camera

Thank You, Simon Cowell

This article first appeared in the Spencer Daily Reporter, July 20, 2018.   A popular TV show in the wasteland of summer options is America’s Got Talent, a.k.a. “AGT.”  Last week the Angel City Chorale appeared on the show.  160 members strong, the choir is led by Sue Fink.  When Simon Cowell asked her what the choir is about, she replied, “I want to bring together … Continue reading Thank You, Simon Cowell

4: “…and the Holy Spirit”

If Jesus turned the religious world upside down while he lived among us, things did not settle down after he left.  It is recorded in The Acts of the Apostles: Pentecost was just the beginning of a revolution.  The Holy Spirit blew into the room with the sound of wind, the appearance of fire, and the chaos of several languages chattering at once. Jesus’ friends … Continue reading 4: “…and the Holy Spirit”

#2: “But the Bible Says…”

This is the second of several posts addressing the debate about homosexuality that will soon take place at the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America (June 7-12, 2018).  To see earlier posts, scroll down.   Before I continue, let me say that every single statement I make in these posts is backed up by many hours of study and thought and dialogue.  I could … Continue reading #2: “But the Bible Says…”

Will Your Church Be Inclusive?

I think it is important for the people of Reformed churches to know what is happening in your denomination that will have a direct impact on the life of local congregations.  In June this year—less than two weeks from now—the General Synod of the RCA will meet in Grand Rapids, Michigan and vote on overtures that include: 1) Whether to enable each classis*—the body that … Continue reading Will Your Church Be Inclusive?


Fallen seed hidden not taken. Moistened overtaken broken. Awakened called out to outgrow its death fill its latent shape push and seek the light bathe breathe earth’s air enfold time into its fiber defying gravity.   Smooth shell greying crusting itself into wizened story. Green hands receive radiant life reshaping taking shape pushing up to reach for more of itself.   Divine seed fallen into … Continue reading Eucharist

Sunday Morning Confession

Folks will come at the appointed hour dutifully, happily visit a bit, then settle into their familiar pews expectant, ready for a song, a prayer, a word or two of inspiration to nourish their steady faith for a few more days. Where are the words? They are tangled up, bound, uneasy, resistant to casual exploitation. Feeble, not equal to the task nor strong enough to … Continue reading Sunday Morning Confession