Spiritual Practices: Prayer of Loving Kindness

Today’s practice is the Prayer of Loving Kindness.  The beauty of this prayer is in the many ways it can be used.  My first introduction to it was in a contemplative mode, praying it slowly and repeatedly, for yourself and others. First, for yourself, taking your time.  Then pray it for someone who has blessed your life, a benefactor.  Then for a friend, then someone … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Prayer of Loving Kindness

Spiritual Practices: Welcoming Prayer

One of the compulsions most of us wrestle with is the desire for control.  The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing to all of us our illusion of control.  Layers of confidence in our careers, our bank accounts, our health are being peeled away without our consent.  When we can release our hold on our cherished expectations, we are invited to explore deeper dimensions of trusting God, … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Welcoming Prayer

Spiritual Practices: Six Gestures of the Morning Prayer

I have used this prayer often, and it always helps me move into the day with intention and joy. It is by Joyce Rupp from her book Out of the Ordinary. I post it here with her permission. The video will help you see it in action. Stretch your arms high and wide above your head.             I thank you, Holy One, for the gift … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Six Gestures of the Morning Prayer

Spiritual Practice: The Jesus Prayer

While we all follow recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many of us will miss meeting together for worship.  Yet there are other ways to feel close to God.  As a spiritual director and pastor, I am posting a spiritual practice each week on this blog, to help everyone learn new ways to experience God’s presence. A good one to start with is called … Continue reading Spiritual Practice: The Jesus Prayer

Sunday Morning Confession

Folks will come at the appointed hour dutifully, happily visit a bit, then settle into their familiar pews expectant, ready for a song, a prayer, a word or two of inspiration to nourish their steady faith for a few more days. Where are the words? They are tangled up, bound, uneasy, resistant to casual exploitation. Feeble, not equal to the task nor strong enough to … Continue reading Sunday Morning Confession

Praying Through the Neighborhood

Please come with me on a tour of the neighborhood in Sebenikoro, a suburb and poor cousin of Bamako, the capital of Mali.  We will be tagging along with my friend Maly “Bibi” Sangho, director of the Ase Mali Orphanage.  I arise while it is still dark to meet with her for prayer.  She greets me at my bedroom door and asks me whether I … Continue reading Praying Through the Neighborhood