Commentary on an Epidemic

I heard a casual remark the other day that started me thinking about our cultural atmosphere, both right now and before the quarantine measures began.  Three months ago we were still in the throes of the vicious political rhetoric that has despoiled public discourse as well as family mealtimes and friendships.  Now that we are more than two months into the epidemic, nasty rhetoric is … Continue reading Commentary on an Epidemic

Church, Pie, and Rachel Held Evans

I share the sadness of thousands who were shocked this month at the death of Rachel Held Evans.  The experiences she wrote about in the church and beyond the faith of her upbringing resonated deeply with me.  I attended all but one of the “Why Christian?” conferences she led with Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber.  I sang traditional hymns alongside a thousand others at those gatherings, with … Continue reading Church, Pie, and Rachel Held Evans

Good Friday 2019: Spillage

The pain he bore upon the cross was heavy, breaking him and not the scale on which he hung. Its heft was lightened only by the blood that leaked and dropped onto his earth. The soil beneath receiving liquid seed was not newly stained but saturated time and time before by rebels’ hearts spilled out. Their desperation dried and dead now mingled with his love … Continue reading Good Friday 2019: Spillage

For Russell

Some of my favorite people are farmers.  They are practical, resilient, smart, deeply committed to their work, and graced with a sense of humor, if only for longevity’s sake.  A few weeks ago a cattle farmer named Russell Christensen died.  He was a dedicated father and grandfather, a wise leader in his church and community, a fun-loving storyteller, and a key player in the growth … Continue reading For Russell

Oahu, January 13

Unhurried morning stepping out our door coffee warming surf pounding eyes trained on the horizon anticipating surprise of spout breach delight whales tasting air reminding themselves that they dwell in the deeps Unearthly noise breaks the mood MISSILE INBOUND TAKE SHELTER Disbelief Confusion Disturbance breaking the surface Malevolence invading questioning the balance reaching its dark finger to strum the cord between human and human Unexpectedly … Continue reading Oahu, January 13