For Terry

My friend Terry was a farmer, a man who embodied faith and joy.

Rising early

first thoughts

of tasks


contained in a vessel

of trust

and praise

and thanks


Pulling on worn jeans

familiar as the


and markets

soft voices

going over the day’s schedule

flexible as farming requires



a joke or two

a wry acceptance

of what is here

and hope

always embedded


as surely as the soil


Awakened machine

trained to walk

the uneven ground

to climb the fueled beasts

of burden

and planting

and harvest

hands reaching for controls

that cannot control

the sun

and rain


Body fueled

by home cooking

and love

and Spirit force

and legacy

of cherishing the land

and the coaxing

of creatures

to be born

and eat

and grow

as they know to do


Body diseased

but never dis-eased

by its betrayal

forced Sabbath

strange gift

opening the heart

to joy

and wonder

healing over with

scar tissue

of trust


Father, lover, grandpa, friend

spirit expanded


the bonds

of this world

the door opens

to Presence





wonder full


Beloved whispers from beyond

I am here.


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