Into the Wild

He never said, “Be safe.”

He saw what they did

with the life-giving Law,

its walls now

closing in on souls

meant to roam free. 

Perhaps his tears over the city

were not for all her wanderings,

but for her fear,

her lack of wonder,

her contentment with the small,

tame world

of scrupulous obedience.

He shook her at her core

tumbled the Temple,

untamed and trembling

with wild rage.

His love, uncaged,

awakens us,

invites us out to wilderness

where questions lurk,

beyond the lushness of the Law.

He calls us to the Temple

of the quiet

and the lack,

where holiness stands ready

to expose and tame the

inner, hidden greed

and yearning.

Tables turned to see

the under-sides.

The heart tumbles out

and falls into the hands

that catch us and make us


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