Ash Wednesday

 I often cross myself in worship
 especially when the bread and wine of Christ 
 are re-membered in me.
 The gesture is an affirmation of who I am
 and whom I follow.
 Today the cross is smudged on my face
 for all to see how poorly I reflect
 his cross I claim as my own.
 It is out of focus,
 lacking the crisp outline even a shadow can cast.
 My feeble attempts at following in his way
 make my cross indistinct. 
 And so I turn again,
 accept the invitation to come closer, slowly,
 to the cross made dim by distance
 until its texture and detail draw me in,
 fill my vision, and define me.   

4 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. Beautifully put, Deb.

    Today I went to Mass at 8:30. Instead of putting the ashes on our foreheads, they were sprinkled on top of our heads (due to Covid-19 precautions).

    Father Hogan noted that they’ve been doing it this way in Europe for years. I found that interesting.

    Wishing all of you a blessed Lenten season – looking forward to new life for all of us in many different ways by Easter.



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