Open, Open, Open

Revelation 3:8 has been my go-to verse for a couple of years now. It leapt off the page of my Bible one day and has held a place in my awareness. It urges me to keep looking, to see how big God is and all the ways the Great Love manifests in the world around me. It is God’s invitation to keep seeking new ways to love, new stories to listen to, new people to meet, new opportunities to explore.

A couple of days ago this prayer formed inside me, so I will share it with you. Be blessed with peace and every good, dear reader.

Most Holy One, open me.
Open my heart to receive 
all that comes to me today.
Open my eyes to see the beauty 
and the need.
Open my ears to listen.
Open my mind to consider ideas 
other than my own.
Open my lips to encourage 
and to bless.
Open my hands to give generously.
Open my arms to embrace.
Open my home 
to welcome the stranger.
Open my heart and my life to love.

2 thoughts on “Open, Open, Open

  1. I checked the context to be sure I wasn’t lifting it from its original intent. But it seems it was part of the evaluation of one of the churches, and this one was getting it right. So it’s helpful to go to that part of Rev. 3 and see what is so pleasing to God, and consider it a way to be invited to even more goodness. A door to what’s next, maybe.


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