Winter’s Consolation

If the cold must remain 
then I can embrace it 
swaddle my limbs
lace the boots 
walk into the woods 
where the silence penetrates 
my crusty surface and 
the chickadee pins it over my lips.
I follow animal tracks 
to the river in search of eagles 
as creatures huddle 
under the disturbance.
No luck there 

but the hoarfrost more than suffices 
as close examination 
has me spellbound.
Bouquets of crystals 
lacy chevron plates 
glassy stalactites 
crowd onto the smallest of twigs.

World of wonder 
imagined in the stillness 
by the cold 
and winter’s dew.

As I leave the woods
a cluster from 
a high, unnoticed branch 
falls onto my head 
like a benediction.

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