Spiritual Practices: Six Gestures of the Morning Prayer

I have used this prayer often, and it always helps me move into the day with intention and joy. It is by Joyce Rupp from her book Out of the Ordinary. I post it here with her permission. The video will help you see it in action. Stretch your arms high and wide above your head.             I thank you, Holy One, for the gift … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Six Gestures of the Morning Prayer

Spiritual Practices: Walking, and Five Questions

Sometimes in these uncertain times, I find myself getting very anxious and overwhelmed.  The best remedy for me is to get out and walk, and let the sounds of nature as well as the silence speak to my soul.  I accept it as God’s love manifest in the moment. The act of taking each step, feeling the ground under my feet and the effort of … Continue reading Spiritual Practices: Walking, and Five Questions

Spiritual Practice: The Jesus Prayer

While we all follow recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many of us will miss meeting together for worship.  Yet there are other ways to feel close to God.  As a spiritual director and pastor, I am posting a spiritual practice each week on this blog, to help everyone learn new ways to experience God’s presence. A good one to start with is called … Continue reading Spiritual Practice: The Jesus Prayer

Finding and Being Sabbath

STOP.  Most of the time that only means “pause.”  Just long enough to look for traffic, to take a photo, to take a pill.  But sometimes we know enough to quit what we are doing and pay attention to what matters: a child who needs a bedtime story, a friend who needs a listening ear, a neighbor who needs a helping hand.  We know enough … Continue reading Finding and Being Sabbath

Thoughts on Spiritual Direction

June 14, 2018…This week I received my certification as a spiritual director from Seeking the Spirit Within, a ministry of the Nebraska Synod (ELCA) Institute for Spiritual Direction Formation.  Spiritual direction happens when someone seeking more depth in their spirituality receives assistance from a companion who is trained to help them recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. To learn more about … Continue reading Thoughts on Spiritual Direction