Spiritual Practices: Walking, and Five Questions

Sometimes in these uncertain times, I find myself getting very anxious and overwhelmed.  The best remedy for me is to get out and walk, and let the sounds of nature as well as the silence speak to my soul.  I accept it as God’s love manifest in the moment. The act of taking each step, feeling the ground under my feet and the effort of my body seems to counteract the anxious feelings and the strange effects of both social media and social distancing.  This may be enough of a spiritual practice for you this week. 

            I also want to share with you Five Daily Questions that might be a better practice for you, especially if you cannot get outside or exert yourself physically.  These were written by my sister Carol Austin Janssen, who is trained as a life coach.  In these times, our most cherished values are coming to the fore, and these questions may help you live those values intentionally every day.  Even focusing on one of the questions is a good way to get started!

1. How do I choose to be today?

2. What am I thankful for?  To whom?

3. How can I have fun today?

4. Who needs prayer today?

5. What am I noticing right now? 

            I pray that you will be aware of the presence of God as you go through each day, my dear readers.  Know that God loves you deeply and eternally.  –Deb

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Practices: Walking, and Five Questions

  1. This is like opening up a suitcase and finding the things we need to survive. Many people are feeling the same way, and the words are comforting for many. It seems many resources and experts are encouraging the nature, exercise, and rest to keep ourselves calm in a surrounding of chaos. Thank you for sharing!


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