This is the third in a five part series, “Unexpected Treasures in the Desert.” It is a sermon series for the congregations I am serving, known collectively as Prairie Faith Partners. This series is provided to help you navigate the COVID-19 epidemic “wilderness” we are experiencing together.

For each sermon I am writing my own reflections on the texts, which I like to do in free verse (below). To read the sermons, you can go to my “Lectionary Sermon of the Week” page, even though these aren’t on the lectionary texts. I’m afraid this page will change every week, so you might want to view the messages on the PFP YouTube page. I would appreciate your comments in this space. Thank you for visiting!

What is it?
A strange coating
the dew left behind.
Tedious work to gather it,
like the grain
we picked out of the stubble
back in Egypt.
Moses said it is God’s gift
to keep up our strength.
So we can do it all again tomorrow.
What is it?
A seed I hold in my hand
stray remnant of the bagful
we tried desperately to save for planting
but at the last
it was all we had to eat.
So now it is gone
they are gone
and it seems this will be
my last meal.
God, bless this food.
What is it?
A wafer placed in my hand.
A tiny glass of wine.
I didn’t know I was so hungry
until I heard it:
Body of Christ, given for you. 

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