First Sabbaths

This is the fourth in a five part series, “Unexpected Treasures in the Desert.” It is a sermon series for the congregations I am serving, known collectively as Prairie Faith Partners. This series is provided to help you navigate the COVID-19 epidemic “wilderness” we are experiencing together.

For each sermon I am writing my own reflections on the texts, which I like to do in free verse (below). To read the sermons, you can go to my “Lectionary Sermon of the Week” page, even though these aren’t on the lectionary texts. I’m afraid this page will change every week, so you might want to view the messages on the PFP YouTube page. I would appreciate your comments in this space. Thank you for visiting!

It was our first
most cherished treasure
discovered in the desert,
a new word
for a new way of being.
When Moses instructed us
to begin this rhythm
of six normal days
then a holy seventh
we were dumbfounded
afraid, even.
What would we do with ourselves?
The first few times
we were jumpy
That a guard
would materialize
and punish
or that Yahweh
would have second thoughts
and snatch it away?
As the months passed
we got our bearings
made the challah
lit the candles
leaned into the blessing
And when we were tempted
to let the work creep in,
it was the children who
pushed it away and
called us back to joy.

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